Artist Statement



I am a spiritual person.  Ever since childhood I envision colors and shapes moving around in space when hearing music.  Invisible music becomes visible.  The invisible spiritual realm of my life becomes visible  and active most easily through painting and while I paint.

When I work on subjects drawn from nature-- skies, landscape, water and earth are building blocks and a connection to my spiritualexperience.   Nature becomes a conduit—a spiritual passage—to a place of peace and beauty in and through my paintings. My observations of nature are transformedand abstracted as they pass through a spiritual lens and into a painting. I try to convey this sense of transcendent beauty. energy and peace to those who view my art.

The Genesis series explores the very real mystery of creation for me. The paintings are based on the biblical lines describing initial creation as unformed and void with darkness upon the face of the deep.

Through the process of painting I enter the mystery, visualizing the ineffable energy needed to create heaven and earth. Initial creation does not have much color—rather metallics, grays, blacks and blinks of light.

Color emerges as life emerges.